DoNCP Website Term and Conditions:


1.     I acknowledge that the nature of this website has been explained to me and that it is being used to inform a research project being conducted by Edith Cowan University.

Any questions I have asked about the nature of this research have been answered to my satisfaction.

2.     I understand that I may also contact the research team at any time if I have any ongoing questions about the research project.

3.     I agree to participate in this study, realising that I may withdraw at any time.

4.     I agree that research data gathered for this study may be published provided I am not identifiable.

5.     The DONCP website is provided as a means of communication between clinical dietitians in different countries, and as a general information service.

6.     Any advice given by members of the DONCP website or information contained and posted on the website does not constitute professional advice and is in neither way considered to be complete or accurate, nor does it take into account individual circumstances.

7.     The opinions expressed on the DONCP website are solely those of their author.

8.     Whilst due diligence will be exercised to moderate this dialogue, this will be carried out at intervals by researchers and volunteers and there will be times when the DONCP website contains dialogue which may not be moderated.

9.     There is no Web Manager paid to take charge and responsibility of the DONCP website.

10.  I understand that by using the DONCP website, I may be exposed to content that is offensive or objectionable. I as a participant of the DONCP website agree to exonerate, ECU, all researchers, volunteers and fellow users from any liability arising from the operation of

11.  As a member of the DONCP website I agree not to post messages that defame, threaten, solicit, offend, harass, embarrass or impersonate any other person. I also agree not to post messages that violate any persons’ privacy or other rights. In particular, I agree not to make slanderous comments by disclosing the name of my co-workers. If I wish, I can make comments by referring to ‘my colleague’ in general.

12.  I agree that the NCP research team can make use of any comments on the website.

13.  As a member of the DONCP website, I understand that all website activity is logged and IP addresses are recorded against each forum post made. Only the administrators can view this information for research and management purposes.

14.  Members are not permitted to copy or publish any content or postings externally from the DONCP website without the express permission of the research project team.

15.  The research team and administrators reserve the right to withdraw or modify access rights at our sole discretion in the interests of more efficient and/or harmonious conduct of the website.

16.  External links are provided for your convenience and for informational purposes only, but they are beyond the control of and no representation is made as to their content. Use or reliance on any external links and the content therein provided is at your own risk.

17.  No hypertext links shall be created from any website controlled by you or otherwise to this website without the express prior written permission of the research team and administrators of


Note that the DO NCP website will only allow links to the index page and not directly to and pages or content of the site.

18.  These terms and conditions are subject to change and as such users of this site are advised to check them regularly.