Welcome to the Dietitians online Nutrition Care Process (DoNCP) website!

DoNCP is an international online community of practice where dietitians around the world can connect and optimise knowledge in the Nutrition Care Process (NCP). DoNCP offers a variety of support to enhance your learning including downloadable NCP resources, case studies, NCP implementation tools to use in your organisation, and free subscription to the Academy eNCPT website. But most importantly, it provides the opportunity for you to connect and share your NCP experience with other dietitians around the world.

A certificate will be provided upon completion of each module to claim CPD points/hours with your National Dietetic Association.

Benefits of NCP include:
1) For patient care
- Uniform and unambiguous definition of nutrition care
- Specific goals and targeted interventions
- Measurable outcomes for monitoring, evaluation and reporting

2) For the dietetic profession
- Promote critical thinking
- Helps to approach nutrition problems in a systematic manner
- Improves recognition from other health professionals

3) For the health organisation
- Promotes effective communication among multidisciplinary teams
- Increase dietitian productivity in the long term
- Increased hospital funding through more effective reimbursement from clear nutrition diagnosis